Cypress Cemetery's "Celebration of Progress"

Thank you to those who were able to turn out on Father's Day to see the improvements we've made at Cypress Cemetery and for the wonderful open house that was set up by the brilliant Gilbert sisters! Just because the open house has passed doesn't mean you can't contact us to ask about the improvements to one of the oldest, continuously operating cemeteries in North America! Email Torrance Downes or phone Jim Cahill at 860-304-4683 for information!

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For more Cypress Cemetery and Old Saybrook history, go to the Old Saybrook Historical Society's website or visit them at 350 Main Street in Old Saybrook.

Cypress Cemetery Today


After many years of 5 to 10 burials per year, Cypress Cemetery has been expanded allowing for approximately 400 new burial sites in the southeastern corner of the cemetery overlooking beautiful South Cove (below). In addition, Cypress Cemetery has just opened their memorial wall columbarium for the burial of cremation remains (photo at right). Ultimately, the Association will have room for up to 400 cremation burials.

Contact Us if you have any questions about the purchase of plots or memorial wall columbarium niches in historic Cypress Cemetery.

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